Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The start of something spectacular.

After quickly stocking up on hot chocolate, some less then name brand goodies, and some other fattening treats, I take a seat and begin to write. Looking at the blank page, thinking... now I know how God feels. Creating a world from a blank slate. Fortune smiles upon me as I look back to my notebooks and I begin to type.

I told you I would be putting teasers into the blog, so without further adieu, here is a paragraph from the first chapter of my book, The Scarlet Sundial

The clapping children in the audience change their tone of voice from joyous cheers of excitement to shrieks of terror as the curtains are consumed in flame. Ripping the Crowned doll off his hand, Abel tears the textiles off the wooden frame and stamps it out. “That liar, the merchant clearly stated the fabric as fire resistant!” A trail of smoke rises from the fabric, stinging his eyes. After rubbing them for a few seconds to clear them of smoke, he spots Mynchah, his adopted nephew, laughing at the other end of the courtyard. Clearly enjoying the spectacle, Mynchah draws nearer to the stage, lifting the powder filled barrel that he was using as a temporary seat onto his shoulder.

 Anyways, feel free to comment if you like it, or not. As I am just starting I'm completely open to constructive, and even destructive criticism. Believe me. After eight months of having doors slammed in my face, and having my faith stretched and bruised in every possible way, i think i can handle the bad stuff too.

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