Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Kicking into second gear

Its time to get serious. After a few days of dabbling around without success in finding a job, and a little more R&R, this man is ready to write. The real question comes down to what kind of goals should I set for myself? 1000-5000 words, I need a goal that will stretch my limits as a writer with a slow wpm typing speed, but also doesn't take me 16 hours to achieve.

I Know, I'll ask you! What do you think a good goal for WPD (words per day) would be for a writer on his first book! Many of you reading this probably have more writing experience than I, So, this question goes to the veterans of the trade. When you were in your budding years as a writer, what were some goals you set to keep a fire lit behind your rear end? I have an idea dying to jump onto pages, but whoever said writing your first book was easy, clearly never wrote a book. (My family says that to tease me.)

I'm just starting to write the 3rd chapter in the book, and im stoked for my future career as an author!

Stardate 172.5... Captains log. It seems to me that at this point in my career (since it hasn't started) I can start in any genre that I want! Sci fi, fantasy, whale autobiography, humor, the world is an open book, and all I have to do is open that cover.

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