Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Bookwriting project

If you look closely at the photo, the well worn pages of the Avon notebook shows the many hours of love to the current book I'm writing. I should rephrase that. the notebook shows the love of the series I am writing. In this book a paragraph summary of every chapter in my book exists. some of which are a page long. Before you ask, no you may not see. that would be like saying hey, would you like to see the Sistine Chapel before it was completed? Now, I'm not comparing my work to the Sistine chapel (or am I?) but it just doesn't feel write to reveal the masterpiece before its finished. But, teasers may be issued on later posts.

Throwing it out there, does Mynchah Felloes sound like a good main character name? Im set with the first name, but hey, I'm totally down for ideas if you want to post those below. 

and hey, if you know Spanish, you can comment in spanish as well.


  1. It would be nice to know how to pronounce mynchah, as its not obvious.

    And its not a bad name, but it might be better if the last name were more common. even if the spelling were 'fellows'. its good to be different and witty, but its important to know when and how much.

    and the paragraph is good, in that its just a paragraph with no context. keep up the good work.

    1. Fellows is not set in stone, as for Mynchah, it is. You pronounce it "Mean- cha" as in, the cha cha.